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Camera Sensor/Film size (mm)
Width:     Height:
Circle of confusion (mm) Calculate CoC from format
Actual lens focal length (mm)
Selected aperture
Units for Size/Distance
Subject distance
Long FOV: º - Capture Size:
Short FOV: º - Capture Size:
Diagonal FOV: º - Capture Size:
Near limit of acceptable sharpness
Far limit of acceptable sharpness
Total depth of field
Depth of field in front of subject
Depth of field behind subject
Hyperfocal distance
Click "Show Required" to highlight the fields are required and the fields that will be calculated.

- Show Required -
Given a camerasFILM/SENSORsize,LENSand maxDISTANCEto subject,
calculate theANGLESof view and subjectDIMENSIONS.

for - Show Required -
Given a maxDISTANCEto a subject and a requiredCAPTURE SIZEof the subject that needs to be projected
within the view of theFILEM/SENSOR, calculate the bestLENSto use.

& - Show Required -
Given aLENSsize and requiredCAPTURE SIZEof your subject that you need projected within the view
of the camerasFILM/SENSOR, calculate theDISTANCEthat the camera needs to be from the subject.

- Show Required -
Given a camerasFILM/SENSORsize,LENS & APERTUREand maxDISTANCEto subject,
calculate theDEPTH OF FIELDthat will be "acceptably sharp".

Note: The FOV Angle in the diagram below does is not a represent the way that light passes through the lens.
It is a virtual convergence of the line of view from the lens.